What is YCAS Young Scholars?

Lunch and Learn

Each day, students lunch with faculty or doctoral students who work in a variety of disciplines related to public health. Here, Jody Sindelar, Professor of Health Policy and Management, leads a discussion about behavioral economics and her work in addictions.

The Young Scholars program brings together a collaborative group of 8-10 high school students from around Connecticut. For two weeks in the summer students will participate in an intensive introduction to biostatistics, learn a statistical modeling program known as “R,” and tour many aspects of health-related science.

The program's goal is to expose motivated and academically promising students to statistics, public health research and methodologies, and the medical sciences.

Young Scholars provides an intensive, hands-on science curriculum that emphasizes discovery through lecture, research lab tours, lunch lectures with Yale faculty, as well as “R” programming sessions. An emphasis is placed on critical thinking and problem solving.

The curriculum is designed by Yale University faculty, graduate and professional students and teachers from local public schools. Yale graduate students and alumni of the program serve a vital role as teaching assistants and mentors. 

The Essentials 

Who may attend?
9th - 12th graders who live within commuting distance to New Haven with a strong interest in math and science are welcome to apply.

When is it?
2018 - TBA

Where is it?
Yale Campus

Is there a cost?
2018 - TBA

How do I apply?
2018 - TBA

Who is the contact?
2018 - TBA